Monday, October 5, 2009

A Hamster By Any Other Name

The Library Hamster's latest incarnation. That fool can dance!

It is Monday and the exciting beginning to a new, poppin' fresh week! Are you with me? Can you feel the electricity in the air? It's my new thing, attempting to market Monday, a very maligned day, as the harbinger of good things to come. Do you think it can work?

Anyway, I hope you all had a fine weekend. Mine was good, although not terribly relaxing...and you know I like me some relaxation! Saturday was a work day. It wasn't bad here for a Saturday, but it was still pretty brisk. Come to think of it, Saturday evening was rather quiet until Girlie Girl came home with three of her friends to spend the night. It was fairly late though, so after a snack and a bit of tv they settled right in. Everytime the ran from the kitchen to the bedroom and back, I did picture the neighbor downstairs waving his clenched fist at the ceiling. It made me smile. Playing Literati with DR made me smile too.

Sunday, they were up early-ish...which is unusual for Girlie Girl on the weekened. She is a devoted sleeper in, but they wanted to take themselves out to breakfast. I got up and did some laundry. Around noon I headed over to babysit that rowdy gang of hooligans over at Kick Back Dude's place. While their parents enjoyed lunch and a movie, the kids and I played all of their board games. Miss Personality has her own rules, which makes Candy Land and Shoots and Ladders soooo much more fun. Afterward, I headed on home and, come to think of it again, did relax for a bit with Girlie Girl. But all of a sudden there was that whole Kick Back Dude family again, wanting dinner. Hm. Golden Dragon for everyone. Yay!

This morning when we got up, it was cold! And guess what? There was no hot water. I tried re-lighting the pilot on the water heater, but it was a no go. Luckily the guy from the Gas Co. could come out pretty quickly. I had him light the wall heater pilots while he was there. Unfortunately, there is a problem with the water heater. It needs some part. The part is free (I would call this a recall, but Whirlpool said it was NOT a recall). I only need to go pick it up from Lowe's. Of course I called the landlady to let her know about all this. She asked if I could go pick up the part and her husband would come put it on tomorrow. Not stoked about getting the part myself OR waiting until tomorrow to have hot water again. But what the heck...they are so freaking old. I don't want to tax them :-)
Girlie Girl can shower at her dad's. Me, I'm going for a "water heated on the stove wipe down". Sexy, right?

I don't know...all things considered, there is no reason that today and this week can't be absolutely phenomenal in every respect. Not to set my hopes too high...but then again, why not? As my blood type says...B+. Now, whats up witchoo?


AlienCG said...

If you could successfully market Monday to the masses, you could be the richest person on earth.

Your weekend sounds like it was teen and kid-filled. I saw your tweets about Candyland and I have yet to figure out how to cheat.

It's been quite chilly here lately, but sleeping has been great. I will say nothing of hot water as to not jinx myself. Hopefully it's fixed soon.

Pamela said...

oh jeez, I'm 0 negative,so what does that say about my life??
just sink shower in the bathroom at thelibrary...

crazy4coens said...

If you get hot water for Tuesday and beyond - that will a victory worth celebrating.


(You are so generally upbeat - how could I not be - at least here at this site, anyway;-)?)

Tara said...

We could say that Monday is challenging, but who are we foolin? Mondays usually sucks. For some reason everything annoying thing comes to the surface. Like...well The Cackler!

My mom and I went to our favorite Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant on Saturday! It was sooo good, I could eat their food every single day.

crazy4coens said...

Also - that hampster is hilarryous!

Churlita said...

Love the hamster. I'd be ticked if I had to pick up a part and then wait a day for it to get fixed. That's what you pay rent for.

laura b. said...

AlienCG: I wouldn't mind being rich off of Mondays :-)
Maybe cheating is not quite the right word...creative playing?
I'm glad for good sleeping weather too...and hopefully warm water...and a running car!

Pamela: Hm...O neg. means everyone wants you, universally! Yay!
I may have to just move in soon, save the commute.

Crazy4Coens: Sometimes it is either laugh or cry. Might just as well laugh. Thank goodness for the library hamster, who helps out with that.

Tara: All those little things we get to set aside for the weekend come back. Like...Cacklers! And not enough sleep!
I could eat Chinese food just about every day...except for the days I was eating Italian or Mexican or....

Churlita: Yeah, it was kind of odd. But my landlords are like tiny old apple doll people. I feel compelled towards indulging them.