Saturday, May 3, 2008


Hola, Fellow Bloggers! Time for our Saturday Scavenger Shots once again. This week's word is OPPORTUNITY and comes to us from Churlita. She will also be tagging the next person to chose, so make sure you visit her to find out who's who in the game!

OPPORTUNITY is a word ripe with possibilities. When I say the word, I picture the world opening up before me, something like this...However, this is not MY picture. It is just the closest thing I could find to what pops into my head when I hear OPPORTUNITY :-)

This is the Creative Center at my work. When I come in and look at all of our art supplies I appreciate the OPPORTUNITY to be "creative", even though I am not too terribly artistic.

Here are a couple of people whose lives are just beginning and thus, are filled with OPPORTUNITY! In this picture, they are taking the OPPORTUNITY to get a bit of bowling in.

Thanks for this OPPORTUNITY to share my humble, simple pictures with you once again.


Tara said...

Those bowlers are so cute!! Love the matching pink tops, too. :)

And I love your collection of art supplies! I inherited some when I got my job awhile back. They've been pretty work! It's all about the students. ;)

NoRegrets said...

Nice! I think though that I need to put mine up before reading anyone else's, lest people think I copied. Or I think I copied! :-)

evil-e said...

Humble as they may be, they gave you the opportunity to share. They are original as well!!!

Churlita said...

Love your opportunities. Especially the cute little ones in the pink shirts.

MrManuel said...

That craft center looks like fun! Lucky kids!

laura b. said...

Tara: I have to agree, they are very cute, aren't they?
Even though I am not artistic, I still enjoy art supplies :-)

NoRegrets: Hey, I totally copied you one time...remember the letter opener? Is that not allowed? haha!

Evil-E: It is fun to share pieces of our lives in pictures.

Churlita: I have some wonderful opportunities :-)

MrManuel: Lucky kids and lucky me! Children's librarians have the best gig.

AlienCG said...

Thank you for sharing your opportunities with us. Good pictures.

laura b. said...

AlienCG: Thanks for coming and looking!