Thursday, March 2, 2006

Which Tarot Card Am I?

Oooohhhh...mysterious, eh?

The Devil Card
You are the Devil card. The Devil is based on the

figure Pan, Lord of the Dance. The earthy

physicality of the devil breeds lust. The

devil's call to return to primal instincts

often creates conflict in a society in which

many of these instincts must be kept under

control. Challenges posed by our physical

bodies can be overcome by strength in the

mental, emotional, and spiritual realms. Pan

is also a symbol of enjoyment and rules our

material creativity. The devil knows physical

pleasure and how to manipulate the physical

world. Material creativity finds its output

in such things as dance, pottery, gardening,

and sex. The self-actualized person is able

to accept the sensuality and usefulness of

the devil's gifts while remaining in control

of any darker urges. Image from The Stone

Tarot deck.

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willam said...

ohh woo. tarot. voodoo and shit. let's get some gumbo.
thanx for finding my blog girl

l.b. said...

Love your blog, Willam. I'll bring the gumbo, you bring the prescription party favors - heh heh...