Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Keeping Busy

It seems to have been extra busy at work for the past few days. Nothing I can't keep up with...it is actually the kind of work I enjoy, such as preparing the paperwork for upcoming events and getting crafts ready for my upcoming programs. They are things that I am good at and the time passes more quickly.
Aside from that, not much to report on the life of l.b. Things at home are quiet and relatively peaceful I am always half waiting for the next big blow up or crisis, but until then I will try to enjoy the downtime. I need another book to start and have been reading way too many dopey magazines. Still listening to my B & S almost constantly while in the car. My next music purchase should be Morph the Cat, which is scheduled for release March 14. I'm tres, tres excited about it.
Sadly, nothing to report on my super secret wild life - haha! Team C has gone MIA, as seems to happen from time to time and even Master Swordsman is keeping a fairly low profile, for him.
All in all though? I can't really complain...so I won't :-)

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