Monday, March 27, 2006

Thank You For Smoking

Smoking is a filthy, disgusting, unhealthy habit. The question that Thank You For Smoking raises both satirically and seriously what? The health risks have been established, but people still choose to smoke and isn't it ultimately about choice? Aaron Eckhart, genius actor, plays a mouthpiece for big tobacco, Nick Naylor. Through his charm, quick mind, and unbeatable arguments, he is the PR guy making the case for smoking. His stellar performance on a panel show brings him to the attention of both the biggest mucky muck in the tobacco industry and an anti-smoking Vermont governor (the fabulous William H. Macy). There is plenty going on in this movie, including fraternal lunchtime meetings of the MOD (Merchants of Death) Squad including Alcohol pusher Maria Bello and Gun toter David Koechner, unadvisable sex with a journalist (the last breath of freedom for young Katie Holmes), trips to Hollywood to gain smoking a prominent, sexy position in movies (watch Rob Lowe and Adam Brody work it!), and plenty of time to bond between the can-do dad and his bright son (played by Cameron Bright).
The movie is full of very funny moments. It is satire, but it is tightly controlled satire. Between the acting, writing, and directing I would have to say that this movie is definitely going on my Top 10 List.

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