Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Its Back Again

It is the triumphant return of the tickly throat and the buggery nose. I swear it is impossible to stay healthy either at home or work. I am drinking lots n' lots of water in a desperate, yet probably fruitless, attempt to keep a full fledged cold at bay. I entered my storytimes last night and this morning armed with my trusty water bottle and a few honey lemon cough drops and all was well. I told DR last night that I was going to battle this off with good deeds and water. What are my chances? Ah well...

I started a new book Monday night and so far I'm enjoying it very much. It is called A Ship Made of Paper. So far, it strikes me as being especially finely written, so I am content.

I just ordered a few CDs from Amazon. I have just felt the need lately to beef up my I decided to just go with it. I'd been threatening to pick up Donald Fagen's Morph the Cat and The Thrills So Much for the City, so I did. I also got a replacement copy of DF's Kamakiriad. I needed to a have it back, because along with Nightfly and Morph the Cat as bookends it completes Donald's solo trilogy. I also picked up Walter Becker's Eleven Tracks of Wack which I have never owned. Even big Steely Dan fans aren't too complimentary about Walter as a solo artist, but it still seemed like something I'd like to own and listen to on occasion.

In very personal news, I have not heard a peep from Team C in over a month. I'm not too torn up about it, as he has certainly come close to this point, although this has got to be a record. When I think of him, I do get that dip in my stomach...I am very attracted to him still...and perhaps as long as I am getting something out of our rare times together there is no special reason to call it all off. Who knows though? Maybe I will find that this is his way of calling it off. I guess we'll see what comes to pass. I rely more and more on the Poet Swordsman to keep me feeling the things that make the rest of life seem just that much better. He wrote me an email the other night, that while very erotic was also surprisingly tender. I feel lucky to have what I have with him.

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