Thursday, January 12, 2006


The subfamily is STILL hanging out at the homestead! I would feel mean asking, "Why aren't you guys at your house?" But...why aren't they? It occurs to me that if I could get them in permanently, I could ditch WTG completely and still be able to pay the mortgage. Fantasy rocks. In reality, WTG is planted more firmly than even I can probably imagine. I just do my best to ignore his presence and that is how it is just going to have to be.

I am still working on Middlesex. I haven't been doing as much reading lately, since Milly and I are on more of the same lunch schedule. (Yay, by the way) And, this book is not a quick read. I'm really enjoying it, though and would recommend it to anyone who likes a juicy family saga and hermaphrodism.

Tomorrow? It is on. More on that Saturday.

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