Wednesday, January 11, 2006

It's Better This Way

My fav Team C member called me today and sends regrets for getting something going this week. At this point I am mostly relieved. Next week will be much better for a Team C adventure. If I see the Poet/Swordsman this week, I am going to be much more appreciative of his sort of antidote by next week.

My little sub-family (my oldest son, girlie friend, and behbeh) seem to be camping out at my place. I so want them to feel welcome, really, but they don't seem to realize how disruptive they are to routines developed for sanity's sake. They are just always sort of very THERE. Last night the younger kids didn't get to bed until almost midnight just because of the extra activity level in the house. They have taken over my third son's room and he just called to tell me that he can't get in there even now (it is 3:30 in the afternoon PST) because they are all napping in there! I feel bad for him, because his is the room they use, at it is best equipped for that many people (queen bed, big room). He totally deserves that nice room...totally doesn't deserve to be kicked out of it, although he is generally very good natured about it. Sorry, but here's hoping they are planning to head off for their own home very soon.

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