Monday, January 16, 2006

Most Boring Day EVER

Today is MLK day, which is totally cool. The kids are off school, the library is closed...but, oh wait! What am I doing here at work? It is a Staff Development Day, which is simply code for Boring as Sh*t Day. Here are a list of useful things I took away from the first couple of hours:
-We are aggragators!
-Einstellung effect=Enough information
-Perfect / Poop
-Bunny slippers
-Beware of nostalgia
-Stop rewarding perfectionism
-Jorge Luis Borges
-Bigelow "I Love Lemon" Herb Tea (a special blend for lemon lovers)
Think I'm on track with my notes?
More to come.


katie said...

I love your notes :) Please more! We can create a story out of them! Me, boring day at work, so I learned how (Accidently misspelled it as hoe, kinda appropiate)
to write erotic womans fiction.. I'll have the canuck in the dust any day now.. MLK day is great :)

l.b. said...

We should start a blog for erotic women's fiction! The canuck would have nothing on us!