Friday, November 18, 2005

Words & Me

I am a sucker for words. Books, a good letter, someone who can string a sentence together. See, I have been more or less avoiding the Swordsman/Poet, because he is sort of...intimidating. I finally spoke with him honestly, telling him of my concerns and the things that were potentially worrisome about our friendship. He responded in the most lovely way, saying all the right things. Don't get me wrong...I do realize that words are just words. However, when we spoke I remembered, again, why I feel drawn to him. Right now, I just want to get through the Thanksgiving weekend in one piece and then we will see what happens next.

Speaking of words...I need to find a book to take home for the weekend. I think maybe something sort of light and fun for now. I'm too tired to concentrate hard. I'll have to look around a bit and see what tickles me fancy.

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