Thursday, November 17, 2005

Days of Our Lives

My day so far:
-Up and at 'em morning routine (this morning it involved stopping fisticuffs between my daughter and youngest son - woo hoo!
-Arrive at work and see what the day looks like (crying is not an option!)
-Desk time, desk time, desk time.
-Lunch! Milly and LeRoy's, you rock the hizouse.
-Blog! Email!
Coming up next:
-Desk time with the teeming masses
-Pumpkin Pie Social Event (good thing I'm so full...not a fan of the pumpkin pie)
-Desk time with the reeming asses...or something like that
-Home to put out the fires
-Eat dinner, clean up
-TV, homework, TV
-Read until losing consciousness.

Just wanted to remind you all of what you are missing out on by not being me!
You gotta laugh, because it is either that or crying hysterically. Sometimes that is actually prefered, but for now...laugh.

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