Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sometimes Work Saves My Life

This was one of my days to come into work at noon...and let me tell you, my morning was pretty much one giant pain in the a$$. Got into a huge fight over the phone with WTG. That is by far his prefered method of fighting. At any rate, I was feeling bad in general and feeling bad about myself specifically. When I came to work though, kindness and humor saved me. For some reason, when I came in today, I ran into four different families from my storytimes past and present. Through some lovely coincidence they each told me how much they appreciated my work and how much the kids enjoyed their time with me. I have to say that it just made me feel so great to be appreciated like that. Isn't that something everyone needs? To feel like what they do has value?
Then, as a capper, Milly came by the desk and told me a story, complete with visuals that had me laughing until tears came to my eyes. Man, I needed a good laugh!
So, yes, sometimes work saves my life...or at least saves the feeling that life is worth living :-)

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