Monday, November 28, 2005

Mr. Kot-TER!

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back. I am back and thus, you are too...right? Hello? At any rate, here I am after a nice four day weekend. I am feeling somewhat refreshed. Thanksgiving was a very nice event at my x-bro-in-law's house. His girlfriend isn't too friendly, but she puts out a heck of a spread :-) We ended up traveling in three different cars, but at least all the kids showed up this year, at least for a while.
The rest of the weekend was not quite as filled with downtime as I would have liked, but at least I wasn't at WORK work.
This morning I left the house a little early because I need to have a word or two with Master Swordsman. Lets just say the word of the day is "Trust". Incredible what trust can do for you and others you associate with.
Hey, I think I will write again later on today with more stuff. I just wanted to check in and put a few words out there. Gobble Gobble!

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