Thursday, November 3, 2005

Missed Connections Day

Today is the day of just missed connections. The phone does not seem to be my friend today. Or, more rightly, I have not been a friend to the phone. Somehow I seem to have stepped away from my desk at all the wrong moments, leaving me with the lesser pleasure of the message, when the conversation was what was needed. On top of all that, I am feeling very....uh, can I just say it? Horny. Not a huge fan of that word, but it works, you know?

Okay, okay...put my mind on other things and the body will follow obediently, right? I can tell you what I'm reading now. It is Love, Work, Children. Apparently it is the second title in a planned trilogy. I haven't read the first...and so far am feeling no ill effects. you think? Maybe I'm being punished for reading the second before the first with this case of raging libido! The world is a strange and mysterious place.

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