Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Escapades for Days

T-t-t-time for Wednesday Choose and Defend.  Quite a week I have going on so far.  Loved the long weekend, but didn't love having to do Monday and Tuesday's work all in one day.  *whew!*  Yet here we are, already at Wednesday.  Today I thought I'd ask you what your nose knows.  More specifically, I thought I'd ask you how you feel about wearing scents, such as perfumes and aftershave.  Granted, some people are more, shall we say, skilled, at wearing these things than others.  But, in general, do you prefer...


As always, it is a pretty general question...but once you Choose, feel free to get specific in your Defense! 

Hope your week is acting right for you.  If not, send it my direction and I'll knock some sense into it.  xx


silly rabbit said...

I love to wear light scents! I didn't for a long time... women at work would often over scent and the mixture of clashing scents ruined it for a time for me.
Then, when I began dating again... I got back into it. It makes me feel female and the man likes it too.
However, my MIL is scent sensitive and that has put a real crimp into my lovely smells! She is often present, so I have to worry about if they might drop by and family events are scent free.
In those cases, I am confined to a nice fresh soap and water smell. It is a lovely odor, but not the one I choose. Still, I don't want to give her headaches!

Churlita said...

I have issues with people wearing too much cologne. I choose to be unscented for the most part.

NoRegrets said...

I actually really like to wear a subtle scent, but dont' want to pay a lot for it. I have one that I like - got it for $1.50 at a yard sale. But it's disappearing! Darn it.

I tend to like scent free for laundry stuff, etc. I get overwhelmed with scent otherwise.

Deoderant must have a scent.

Tara said...

I like scented perfumes (in moderation) and deoderants. My skin is too sensitive to wear clothes that have been washed with scented detergent, though, so I usually get the unscented stuff for that chore. But I prefer the scented stuff, just to bring my point home. :D

secret agent woman said...

Although I kind of like perfumes on others (as long as they aren't too sweet or overpowering), I don't wear them myself. Instead, I wear a sesame oil that has a light, slightly spicy scent. It feels like me.

laura b. said...

Silly: A light scent is lovely. My ex hates scents of any kind, but now I spritz with impunity :D It is good that you are sensitive to your MIL's sensitivity. My mom is a bit like that too. One for Scented.

Churlita: It really is a good idea if there are any concerns at all about it bothering anyone. One for Unscented.

NoRegrets: You are the best at finding great stuff at rock bottom prices! Love it. I hope you come across another great scent serendipitously. Two for Scented.

Tara: I think I have the most unsensitive skin of anyone ever. Do you ever use stuff meant for babies clothes? I bet that is the best for sensitive skin.
You drove the point home! :-D Three for Scented.

Secret: Wow, I like the sound of that! You're an original, for sure. Four for Scented.

Everyone: We are favoring the Scent a bit 4-1. Anyone else have an opinion they'd like to share? It's never too late!!!