Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's a Big Wide, Wonderful World

This post will be a photo display of the best things about yesterday.  I went to a Chris Isaak concert with my friend Ceku.  It is the third summer in a row that we've been to see him.  Each time, a different venue.  This year, he played at the Orange Country Fair.  The pavillion there is not very large and we had great seats.  Plus, before the concert we got to enjoy the fair..which was mostly about checking out the different food stands :-)   Here's some stuff -

Fair food involves lots of deep frying, lots of bacon and other meats,
and lots of sweets.  Adorably coronary causing!

THIS is chocolate covered bacon.  I'm not gonna lie.
It was pretty, pretty, pretty good...

This is the sort of picture I get when I try to take pictures at concerts.  But there he is...Chris Isaak.  His show is lots of fun, he has an amazing voice,
and Silvertone is a very talented band!

Here is my concert ticket.  Very affordable! 
And did I mention how awesome it was.  Totally worth it.

I like to get t-shirts from his concerts, because he does the art work himself. 
So cute.

And that was my great day!  Hope you are having a good week, thus far.  If you haven't had a chance to Choose and Defend yet, please step into the basement  ↓↓↓  and give it a whirl.  xx


silly rabbit said...

Wow! No wonder we were all wooting for you. =;)
I like Chris Isaak and seeing him in a smaller venue must have been very enjoyable. No worries about the photo of the stage... mine come out like that too.
I did not know that he did his own artwork. Very cool beans.

Tara said...

I think I would like to try some chocolate-covered bacon. At least just once.

Our county fair will be here next month and I will be there taking in all the sights and smells - both good and bad. :)

What a great day! Plus, those are very affordable concert tickets!

secret agent woman said...

Chris Isaak does have a lovely voice.

The only fair food I really like is cotton candy. But boy, do I really love cotton candy.

laura b. said...

Silly: Yes! That was they Yay! He's a really fun performer and also an artist!

Tara: I really do recommend the chocolate covered bacon. Like all food it was overpriced...I'm considering making my own :)
It really was a fun day. I needed the outing.

Secret: His voice is beautiful and he is currently covering some classics he and the band recorded in the Sun Studios. They sound great!
And I am pro cotton candy. Can't go wrong there.

BrightenedBoy said...
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BrightenedBoy said...

I like chocolate and bacon quite well, but I'm not sure how appetizing they would be together. Of course, I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't try it.

laura b. said...

BB: Yeah, it wasn't something I'd dreamed of eating together, but it works surprisingly well :-)