Saturday, July 23, 2011

And Some Folks Even See the Bear In Me

Hello to you.  I wish to welcome you to my Saturday Scavenger Shots blog post.  This week's word is BEAR.   As you may know, I myself am actually a BEAR, enslaved and forced to dance before crowds of jeering people to earn my keep.  It is true.  Well, if what you imagine in your head is true...then it is true!  Anyway, when I chose the word BEAR, I didn't know what I would use here.  It's true that I do have lots of BEAR stuff around me.  I decided that today I would focus on my Sebastien collection of fine BEAR themed tees.  Enjoy the fabulousness -

I feel fairly certain you are quite jealous of my beautiful BEAR shirts. 

 I haven't added anything to my collection in  quite some time, but young Sebastien is constantly adding new pieces (not exclusively BEAR themed) to his body of work.

I have just one more BEAR I'd like to share.  Here she is -

This lovely little lady BEAR was given to me by DR last year.  She has a light up heart on her chest and she sings L-O-V-E when you squeeze her hand.  She is a much sweeter BEAR than I am.

This concludes my Saturday Scavenger Shots blog post all about BEARs.  Thanks for visiting.  Thanks for the honey.  So long, and thanks for all the fish.


Tara said...

I AM jealous of your Sebastien collection! I only have one Sebastien shirt. Should've taken a photo of that one for today!

I did find a few, bear-related trinkets for today, though, and they're finally up on the Spaghetts.

Also, I LOVE that your fancy bear sings L.O.V.E..

secret agent woman said...

Those are very cool shirts. I'd not heard of Sebastien before.

silly rabbit said...

Oh the envy! I do have a lightening bear shirt of Sebastian's. His drawings are so much fun.
Aw... that light up bear is so very sweet. :)
I forgot that yesterday was Saturday. I'm afraid my post will be quite late. Sometimes life is a bear.

laura b. said...

Tara: I really want to expand my collection! He's a real talent.
I love your bears :-)

Secret: He doesn't blog much anymore, but his artistic output has exploded. Very cool guy.

Silly: I think he's fantastic. Wish I could support his business more, but Brokey McBrokerson here :-)
Where's that post???

3GirlKnight said...

Of course I am very jealous of your beautiful bear shirts. Nice!

laura b. said...

3GK: Aw! Thanks :-)