Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Here I Go and I Don't Know Why

I hope you've stopped by for a little Choose and Defend Wednesday, because that's what you're getting!  I mean, not claiming it is much of one, but see what you can do with it, okay?  Okay! 
Today I am going to have you make a change in one way or another.  The choice is yours, of course, as you get to Choose.  I also ask that you Defend your choice.

Would you rather be...

Permanently Bald


Permanently Barefoot
Think it over...then Choose and Defend!  Thx.

PS- Not bagging on bald or balding men here...I'm kind of into it.  Thinking more in terms of committing to keeping your head shaved forever.  K?


FW said...

Hey LB! I would have to go with bald. I like going barefoot but for so much of the year here it's too cold and wet to contemplate going barefoot.

silly rabbit said...

Well... rats! If we were talking of bald or balding men, I'd have to vote for that! Very sexy. But we aren't.
So my choice is easily made. I'd have to say barefoot... because of bees! I'm allergic to death of them and always wear shoes outside.

AlienCG said...

I hate my hair, it's too curly. I also hate going barefoot. I am choosing baldness forever.

Tara said...

If I go barefoot for an extended period of time, I either wind up stubbing or breaking a toe or stepping on a piece of glass. Then it would be too painful to walk around barefoot all of the time.

I'll choose the baldness. I love my hair now and don't want it to go away, but if I had to go bald, I would wear funky wigs all the time.

secret agent woman said...

Barefoot! I go barefott as often as I can anyway. Of course, I'd have to move further south, but that would be fine. I don't have great hair, but I would not be happy either bald or in a wig. (I asked my older son, who has gorgeous hair and he said, without hesitation, "barefoot."

silly rabbit said...

Hummmm... Blogger says you don't exists on today, Friday when I click on your musical message. I'll keep trying.
BTW I love that you "haz a teddy woof". LOL

laura b. said...

FW: Good defense! One for Bald.

Silly: DON'T want to be barefoot. Two for Bald.
PS-Sometimes I wonder if I really exist :) But I accidentally posted that early and took it down.

AlienCG: Curly hair is, but if you hate going barefoot then you've made the right choice. Three for Bald.

Tara: Aw! Your feet are accident prone and need protection. Good defense. Four for Bald.

Secret: I cannot see myself in a wig if I went bald...I got your back there. Warm weather, yeah :) One for Barefoot.

Everyone: Four out of five would rather be permanently bald than permanently barefoot. I call that very interesting! I so appreciate finding out people's thoughts on these (mostly) silly things.