Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Than Anything, I Swear

I'm all loopy with not enough sleep and too much thinking, so I thought for this week's Choose and Defend Wednesday we'd get down to basics.  This question has been asked time and time again in all sorts of situations, by all sorts of people....but I'm pretty sure I haven't asked it here.  So..which do you prefer?


Of course, I was rather tempted to offer photos that were much more interesting than these...but decided against distracting everyone (me) from the issue at hand :)    As always, though, feel free to include personal anecdotes in your defense!  Has there ever been a bad underwear story?  Um, well...anyway - Choose and Defend!!!


secret agent woman said...

That second pair is actually boxer-briefs, a hybrid sort of undies for men. And my preferred. So that's my choice. Boxers are too staid and most men look silly in regular briefs. Especially the white ones. My recently ex-boyfriend says he can't wear them because he has big muscular thighs and they ride up. But he did defer to my dislike of white underwear and bought colored ones.

NoRegrets said...

I must say, briefs hug nicely...So I will go with that.

silly rabbit said...

What? Comando was not an option?

Well, my fella wears briefs. So I'll choose briefs. I like to tease him and call them his "underoos". He pretends to be offended.

But I must say boxers are easier to get your hand up. Hee hee.

Tara said...

Boxers - they look cuter on guys and they still provide mystery. Briefs do not.

Regarding personal anecdotes, I've got nuthin. :)

Churlita said...

The Guy wears briefs. He's the first guy I've dated since the 80's who does. I'll go with briefs..Remember when we used to call them tighty whitey's?

AlienCG said...

I am a boxers guy all the way. I love the fact that they are non-constricting and cool and breezy. And maybe I will shut up now. BOXERS, all the way.

laura b. said...

Secret: Yeah, I didn't even include actual unhybridized briefs because of their lack of admitted fans. I get your ex's issue though. One for Briefs.

NoRegrets: That is a good thing...usually. Two for Briefs.

Silly: haha! Well, commando is always an option, I guess! I like the ease of access angle here :-) Three for Briefs

Tara: I like that! The reveal, without the FULL reveal. Great point. One for Boxers.

Churlita: Apparently you were waiting all these years for a brief man to come along. I certainly do remember tighty whiteys...thinking of a nerdy guy, maybe with his tee tucked into them. haha! Four for Briefs.

AlienCG: Finally, a man's POV. And some description as well! Much appreciated. Two for Boxers.

Everyone: So, we have it 4-2 now, with Briefs in the lead. Anyone else with an underwear opinion is more than welcome to speak up and join the conversation.

3GirlKnight said...

I switched to boxers some time in high school (14 years ago? crap) and it was an interesting couple of days while I got used to it.

I'll vote boxers, since it's as close to commando as I'm courageous enough to get, but boxer-briefs are nice too.

silly rabbit said...

There are some great giggles and insights here.

laura b. said...

3GK: haha! The guys were amazed at their sudden freedom! That's funny, thank you for a manly perspective. Three for Boxers.

Closing the to speak...4-3!

Silly: Isn't it great?!?!?