Saturday, July 9, 2011

It Feels Like Years Since It's Been Here

Saturday Scavenger Shots time. Thanks for coming up with a great word, Tara!  For those of you not reading my blog front and back and side to side, today's word is SUN.  It was a bit late in arriving this summer, at least late in putting in regular appearances.  But it is here now, with a vengeance!  I love it.  Well, not the rays on my skin, because I am so white and was so careless in my youth, I worry about the effects it may have had.  But I love the heat.  So  here is my brief salute to the SUN -

This SUN is on a pillow case from an old set of sheets that I have.  I love celestial designs like that...the stylistic sun and moon with faces...they've always appealed to me.  Hi there, Benevolent SUN :-)

This little SUN is a tattoo on someone's shoulder.  Not mine...I don't have any tattoos.  
Whose SUN tattoo is this?  I will let you guess.  

I used to have a lot of SUN themed decorative items on the walls and such over the years.  Where I am now though, I am more minimalist and don't have too much going on in the way of decorative bric-a-brac.  Well...a few things here and there, but no SUN at present.  

I hope you enjoyed walking in the SUN with me today!  And let's see if we can involve our third faithful player of Saturday Scavenger Shots....Silly Rabbit, wanna take a wack at next week's word?  If!!!   EVERYONE everywhere is welcome to play.  If you have some SUN on you, blog it, baby!  Happy Saturday :-)


secret agent woman said...

I was out walking in the morning sun today (with sunscreen on, of course). I'm a fan, too.

silly rabbit said...

What a great day for "sun" shots! Ours is certainly shining brightly.

I also love those faces in the sun. I don't know who's tat that is, but my Bear has a similar one on the back of her calf. Small world. =:)

Funny, I'm reading this and as you tagged me, my brain is saying "oooh, bric-a-brac is such a great word!"
That would make a fun SSS word...
So I pic "bric-a-brac"!

My post isn't up yet. I slept way long today. Soon, soon.

Tara said...

Oo, cool pillowcase! Makes me want to get a set like that, because I really just have solid-colored sheet sets...Wow, try saying that five times fast!

I like that sun tattoo, too!

Bric-a-brac - now that sounds like a fun challenge!

laura b. said...

Secret: This is the time of year to get out either quite early or late in the day. That makes for a very pleasant walk.

Silly: Seeing the metal sun in your post made me want to get my little collection up and running again :-D A tattoo like that is something I could see myself potentially getting...if I ever got a tattoo...which is doubtful!
Thanks for that great word! I love it when one thing leads to another like that and I think we will get some interesting results.

Tara: I have rarely had solid sheets. Come to think of it though, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a set or two. If I had maid services, I would demand my sheets be changed daily. haha!
I loved your sun shots...especially the stained glass windows, so pretty.
Can't wait to see your bric-a-brac!