Monday, February 22, 2010

We Sacrifice Ourselves on the Alter of Pizza and Noise

Yesterday was my oldest grandchild's 5th birthday.  And that would be the royal "we" in the title above.  Probably no one else felt it was a sacrifice to spend an afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese.   And I can understand the impulse to have a party there.  The pros are: instant entertainment for the kids, relatively safe environment (you barely need to pay attention), and the mess isn't yours.  The cons are: it is kind of expensive (especially adding on food for the grown ups who come), you are on their schedule, and it is so noisy and crowded that it feels sort of like drowning just sitting there.  But after all it was about my darling Miss Personality and she had a wonderful time. 

Before the party, Auntie Girlie Girl took her out for a new outfit and manicure.  Here she is having her nails done, like a fancy lady :-)
So, between working Saturday and sacrificial Sunday, it was a very short weekend.   But I do it all for the smiles.  And the money.  And because it is what you do.  How was your weekend?


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

She looks so big.. I can't believe she is already 5 yrs old.. Happy Birthday to the Princess..

it's amazing the sacrifices we make as parents/grandparents.. all for the sake of a few hours of blissful noise and cake!

secret agent woman said...

Lord, I hate Chuck E. Cheese. The pizza is both expensive and abysmally bad and the noise unbelievable. But I went a few times because the kids loved it.

Tara said...

Aw, happy birthday Miss Personality!!

That's so cool to get a manicure and a new outfit for a birthday gift. She needs a tiara! :)

When I was a kid, I remembered getting excited when Chuck-E-Cheese himself would make an appearance. Kids were always trying to pull his tail, too.

Churlita said...

I still have never been to a Chuck E Cheese, and I'm weirdly proud of that fact.

Your grandbaby is definitely worth the trip to Chuck E Cheese.

daffty said...

Not as good as yours!
Wow Auntie Girlie Girl is a great Auntie!
A proper fancy lady she will look too with her fancy nails! Belated greetings from me!

daffy said...

hehe I put daffty... maybe it wasn't a mistake! hehe

laura b. said...

Mrs: I can't believe she is five.
I like to be curmudeonly, but of course we know it is all worth it :-)

Secret: It truly is expensive and bad pizza. But once you are old enough to realize that, you find yourself there anyway...

Tara: Thanks, it was a really great day for her. She did get to wear a blow up crown at Chuck E Cheese to proclaim her royalty.
The live mouse was a huge thrill...that poor person couldn't be paid enough :-)

Churlita: Stay strong, sister! Don't go unless dragged by force or by big sad eyes.

Daff(t)y: I kind of like that twist on your name :-) Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was such a five year old kind of day and she and Auntie are the best of friends. It is really very cute.