Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So, Got Through Yet Another...

I made it.  Another year older and...wiser?  Anyway, just thought I'd clear my head with a quick dispersal of weekend information.  Quick...yes, I hear you snorting in disbelief.    Let's begin...

Friday:  I woke up feeling a little off, but figured I'd get moving.  I did my morning stuff and went off to work, but by noon I felt truly awful...achy, nauseous, and I could barely keep my eyes open.  And I'm thinking - Of course I'd be sick for this long weekend!  Naturally!   I went on home and directly to bed.  DR came over as he planned to.  I warned him about my illness, but was really glad he wanted to come over anyway.  It was sort of comforting to hear him moving around quietly while I slept it off.  He brought me ginger ale and checked on me and let me sleep like the dead.  When I got up for a bit in the evening, he told me about his afternoon adventures in cake making.  How awesome is it to have someone make you a cake?  Pretty awesome :-)

Saturday: When I first woke up, I still felt kind of shredded.  I went off to lay on the couch and as the morning progressed I began feeling better.  Yay!   By the afternoon, I felt well enough so that DR and I could go to the movies as we'd planned.  We went to the Alex Theatre, where The Stooge Fest was back in November.  Saturday, they were showing Psycho.  We met my friend Milly and another friend of her's there.  It was fun seeing it on the big screen and I like going out to a movie that feels like a special event.   Afterward we headed home.  I was able to eat for the first time since Thursday evening and we even decided to break into the cake. 
Here is the cake DR made me.  Sorry that I can't seem to show you a cake
that hasn't already been brutalized :-) 

Sunday:  My birthday and Valentine's Day.  Some of the family was getting together for brunch, but I had declined.  My dad and I are in the middle of a bit of an issue at the moment and I decided not to engage with him on MY day.  haha!  Well, as close to a MY day as anyone gets, right?  Anyway, I had a lovely, quiet, sweet day.  There was some weirdness, as WTG had everyone a little flurried that I wasn't at their beck and call.  He hates my dad, but made sure to be at this brunch, since I wasn't.  But I don't need to worry with his shenanigans nowadays.  Aside from all of that, it was actually the exact birthday I would have wished for.  Girlie Girl was in and out during the course of the day.  Kick Back Dude, Princess Diva, and Little Prince dropped by for a few in the evening, and I spoke to the rest of the kids.  But otherwise I got to just hang with DR and say hello to 47.  Damn.  

Monday:  DR had to get back home, so off he went Monday morning.  Everyone else had the day off, so we went out to lunch together.  All the kids were there, except Secret Agent Man, who is hardly ever anywhere :-)  Also, Miss Personality was off with her other, scary Grandpa...well, he's not scary to her, she adores him.  Scary to me...I have a whole story about that and will tell you some time.  Anyway, my mom and sister were there too.  It was a lot of fun and we came back to my place for more cake.  Social Animal gave me a Macy's gift card and my mom got me a massage, gratuity included.  That's kind of exciting.  I've never gotten a professional massage...so now I am both looking forward to it and slightly intimidated by it.   Later, everyone went off to do their things and I meant to catch up on laundry.  Unfortunately, I got behind someone else and never did get to it.  Girlie Girl and I ended up having dinner over at Kick Back Dude's house and that was the end of the long weekend.  

Now, here I am, back to the salt mines.  Was that quick enough?  It was the best I could do...sometimes things that happen to me are even more real when I get to write them down.  Thanks for reading.  I hope all had a great long weekend too...or at least a great regular length weekend :-D


Mike said...

Man, what a busy weekend you had. I got tired just reading it. Found you off of Secret agent girl's site. Thought I'd drop by and chime in...

secret agent woman said...

"My dad and I are in the middle of a bit of an issue at the moment" made me giggle. That's the story of my life.

Glad you are on the mend and got a chocolate cake in the bargain.

David in DC said...

Hippo Birdie 2 Ewe.



KenV (frmrly 3GK) said...

I think a cake is only a pastry until it gets brutalized. Then it becomes real cake.

And as we all know: Cake = Love

Soft & tasty love.

Nobody can see the love in a non-brutalized cake.

Happy Birthday Laura B!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I'm a believer..You were busy.. Glad you feel better..

We too had a long weekend.. which is nice.. But I was glad to get BHM out of my hair today..he he..

Love brutalized cake.. That looks very tasty.. Now I'm gonna have to make one tomorrow or soon..lol

AlienCG said...

The cake looks good. Happy Birthday, Happy Valentines Day, Happy Chinese New Year, Happy anything I might have forgotten. It's sounds like the ideal birthday+ weekend.

laura b. said...

Mike: Thanks for stopping in. I promise I don't usually ramble on like that...oh, wait. Yes, I do. But come visit again anyway :-)

Secret: Dads. What are you gonna do? :-)
Feeling good...and kinda fat(ter) haha!

DiDC: Tan cue sew mush. x x

KenV: Oh, I like the way you think! Thanks, Ken :-)

Mrs: I love you, now leave! haha! I know the feeling :-D
Yes! Make a cake...it's fun and you get a nice reward at the end.

AlienCG: Aw! Thanks for the multitude of holiday-ish wishes. Hope you had a great weekend yourself, Alien.

MrManuel said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me and thank goodness for long weekends at that? How do you personally feel about sharing the day with Valentine's Day?

Tara said...

Damn, I think I should bake a chocolate cake, yours always look so good.

I'm sorry to hear you were sick for part of the weekend! That's so not right! Very sweet of DR to bring you ginger ale (in my opinion, one of the best beverages you can have when you're under the weather) and check in on you and let you sleep. The DR. is in! Hehe.

Now I want to read about the scary grandpa!

NoRegrets said...

Hi there! Great looking cake - and he can bake too! :-)
Once you get the massage, you will wonder why you haven't been doing it your whole life...enjoy...

Churlita said...

Isn't it great when your ex spazzes and you don't care anymore? I love that feeling. It sounds like a wonderful birthday weekend (except getting sick).

laura b. said...

MrManuel: Thank goodness for long weekends is right! I have always liked having a Valentine birthday. It isn't a big holiday, like Christmas, which I think I'd dislike. But it tends to be a day people remember and I like that :-)

Tara: We all deserve some chocolate cake sometimes :-)
It sucked being sick, but I was so lucky it passed quickly. And DR was the perfect Dr! He earned bonus points, for sure.
Oh, I will have to tell you guys about scary grandpa. He's AWFUL.

NoRegrets: Gotta love a man who can make himself useful in the kitchen.
I will have to tell you guys how the massage works out, too. I just need to find time to go!

Churlita: It is the best! I worried too much for too long.
It really was a great weekend once I got past the bad bug.

Sebastien said...

Awww man, I'm sorry I'm days late in wishing you a happy birthday Laura. Happy belated bear birthday wishes!

'Ailina said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! You're a Valentine's baby! I had no idea! My kid #4 is a Valentine's baby, too! I have a special place in my heart for the world's natural-born cupids. :)

That cake looks like it's to DIE for. I can taste it.

laura b. said...

Sebastien: Aw, that's okay! It still totally counts and makes the celebration continue :-)

'Ailina: Thank you...from all us natural-born cupids!
The cake was a sensation. I took what was left to work and it was quickly devoured.