Saturday, February 6, 2010

Peace Tea and Rain

Yesterday and today have been rainy.  Don't be mad, I'm not complaining!  I hear what's going on elsewhere with y'all's big snows and stuff.  What's a little rain?  I'd be into it if my car wasn't leaky.  I just remind myself of how much I love my car when the weather is good and get on with it.  And complain.  But not too much, I hope. 

Anyway, at first I thought today was going to be quiet here at the library, but after lunch it picked right up.  In theory, time goes faster when it is busy.  In theory.  But today is actually going fine.  Milly and I had some nice pad Thai for lunch.  It was delicious.  And when I stopped off at 7-Eleven this morning for my gucci coffee I saw this iced tea.  I thought the can was cute so I bought it...23 oz for 99 cents.  Who wouldn't love Peace Tea?  I actually don't know if I love it yet, because I haven't broken into it yet.  I like to have something to look forward to.  Pop it open on some special occasion.  Well, maybe Monday will be special enough. 

Last night I sat with the kidlets while their parents went out to dinner.  Those three are such fun and interesting little people.  They sure require a lot of energy, which of course I remember from when my own kids were small.  Miss Personality, though, she is surely more of a handful than anyone I've ever known.  She lives up to her name completely.  After mom and pop came home I went off and took Handsome Lad out to Barnes and Nobel, his new favorite destination.  He chose a book about the Zodiac Killer and another sketch pad.  Talk about an interesting person :-)

This evening DR is coming over.  We plan to spend the rest of the weekend ignoring the Super Bowl and keeping warm and cozy.  I hope you are all staying warm and cozy this weekend.  And...Go *insert your team's name here*!!!



Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

It's amazing when kids are growing up that we always rememebr what it was like until the grandkids come along.. it is very interesting and quite entertaining.. enjoy the weekend and time with DR.. May you both have some needed quiet time..

Tara said...

I so do not care about the superbowl, even if our team is in the running.

Rain isn't so fun to drive in either. A friend pointed out that, with snow at least we can see it an know what we have to drive through. But I would love for the Spring showers to come so that they melt all the snow and ice away. Bring on the flowers and 45-50 degree weather!

Churlita said...

My daughter is super into serial killers too. She just bought Helter Skelter. I haven't read it since I was like 10 years old, so I might have to borrow it from her.

secret agent woman said...

I ignored the Superbowl, too. I was in the car with my boys withthe radio on and one of them asked why they kept talkign about football. He didn't even know it was Superbowl weekend.

Sebastien said...

Been raining a bit here and been cloudy. God, life is hard! hehe... peace tea looks cool, but of course, there should always be a flip side. I'm thinking of a Violence Tea.

I'm depressed the Colts lost. I grew up in Indy, but oh well...

laura b. said...

Mrs: There is having been through it all five times, plus being older, plus not feeling fully responsible. All these things color the "grandma experience".

We had a nice, quiet weekend, thanks!

Tara: Yeah, I am just not a big sports fan. Frees up time for me, I'm sure :-)
Thank you for not making fun of my rain troubles. I am looking forward to spring a lot.

Churlita: I went through a phase of being very into those Ann Rule true crime books. I never read Helter Skelter though...I will have to get it for Handsome Lad and borrow it for myself.

Secret: Those sound like my kind of boys! Three of my five are devoted sports fans, in spite of my indifference :-)

Sebastien: We have it rough with our winters, eh? And hey...I am wildly intrigued by the idea of Violence Tea!
Sorry about the Colts. I saw a tiny bit of the game and it was a good, competitive game.