Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday 5 - Warmth

This week's Friday 5 comes to us filled with a fuzzy glow of warmth.  Seems like a good idea and I invite you to play along with me.  It's more fun than that creepy Snuggles bear!

1.What is your favorite blanket like?  It is the maroon comforter that is on my bed.  It is super warm, but not too heavy.  It is really not fit for human companionship at this point.  It is kind of starting to fall apart and needs to be replaced.  I can't imagine how I'll do it.  haha!

2.What was the last thing you baked?  Oh my.  It's been awhile.  The last thing I baked was a cake for DR's birthday back in November.  Don't judge me!

3.What television personality gets you most hot and bothered?  Tough call, but I am going to go with Jon Stewart.  Cute, funny, smart, liberal...I'm in love.

4.When did you last burn yourself?  I think it was a few weeks ago when I was removing a (no longer) frozen pizza from the oven.  I am good at clipping my hands on the racks when doing simple things like that....der.

5.What are your feelings about hot sauce?  I adore hot sauce.  I don't mind it really, really hot...but I also don't want to be the extreme heat the only thing I notice about it. 

Thanks for participating, and keep warm this weekend!


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I have a warm blanket that I got for Christmas.. it's really a throw.. but I use it on my bed and it's so soft and warm.. I love hot sauce too.. but not to the extreme..I love Robin Williams.. Not that I get all hot and bothered.. but he really makes me laugh..and the last thing I baked was a Banana Bread with chocolate chippets and walnuts and cinnamon.. Yummy!

secret agent woman said...

I have a white tropical-weight down comforter on my bed that I just love. And Jon Stewart - very good choice.

Ananda girl said...

What fun!
1. My favorite blanket is a little polar fleece that is so soft. It's olive green and I wrap myself up in it like a cabbage roll.

(BTW that Snuggles bear is demonic.)

2.I went on a cookie spree... macaroons and oatmeal without raisins. The house smelled divine.

3.Oh dear. I haven't got one!

4.Yikes... steamed myself when my car overheated and died a few weeks back.

5.I love hot foods. More spice the better!

Tara said...

Ohh, I love Jon Stewart. He's so cute and funny, he always gets me laughing. Him and Joel McHale.

My favorite blanket is the quilt I have on my bed. If that's on my bed during cold nights, I have a warm night's sleep.

laura b. said...

Mrs: Women like men who'll make them laugh :-) Robin Williams is a wild man! And that banana bread sounds divine.

Secret: I LOVE the way white looks, but I always do something unsavory to it. Isn't Jon Stewart great?

Ananda: Great answers! I can't believe you don't have a hot celebrity...but I'm sure you don't watch nearly enough television. haha! Oh, real life :-)

Tara: I was actually torn between those two! The fact that I can watch Jon Stewart four nights a week totally tipped the scale for him :-D