Thursday, February 11, 2010

Getting the Party Started

I'm happy to report that the celebration of my illustrious birth has officially begun.  They gave me a little surprise party here at work yesterday...and it was a genuine surprise!  We were supposed to start a departmental meeting at 4:00 and I was waiting on the desk for someone to come relieve me.  By 4:15 I was impatient, so I was going to stick my head in the back to tell them to start without me, as I was stranded up front....surprise!!!   It was very cool.  Thanks to my bbf Milly,  they had gotten me all of my favorite party foods :-)  There was the obligatory vegetable platter (with ranch!), but there was also crackers and hummus (mmmm), salt & vinegar chips (oooohhhh), brownie bites (sweet!), Dr. Pepper (aaaaahhhhh), and a chocolate fudge cake - here are the remains of that:

Also, thanks for Milly's insider knowlege, they had a Steely Dan cd playing for my listening pleasure.  It was a lot of fun and I felt very cared for by my friends/co-workers.  My department people, Mrs R, GCPS, and Camper gave me a very soft teddy bear, as they know of my bearness.  They also gave me a couple of cans of Pringles and a dark chocolate bar.  *sigh*  Milly gave me her presents too!  Season 2 of Mad Men,  a daily notepad calendar that is "All About Me",  and  what she called her cheapy Chinese gift, of magnets featuring all of the Beatles albums.  All there gifts were exceptionally thoughtful and appreciated.   Really made my day, week, month!

After that most excellent ending to my work day I went out to dinner with Girlie Girl, Handsome Lad, Kick Back Dude and his gang of thugees.  We ate at my favorite Chinese food place, Golden Dragon.   Ate delicious food, the kids made a mess, played the fortune cookie game...awesome.  I took Handsome Lad to the evil W store after dinner to get him some running clothes.  On the way home we sang Kokomo together.  I know, I know...we are just incredibly cool and it can't be helped.   What a great day it turned out to be.

Hey, now that you know some of my favorite snack foods, why not tell me what some of yours are?  What would your best friend put out for you at a gathering to make you happy? 


Milly said...

I'm glad you were surprised and had a great time at your staff meeting/party. HAPPY BEARTHDAY! Munchos or any chips, actually, French fries or tater tots, Ruby Red Squirt, & ABBA--that would be a fun party!

Tara said...

Aww man, what an awesome birthday so far, and it hasn't even started yet! I'm so jealous! :) That looks like one delicious cake, let me tell ya. And if it wasn't for Ranch dressing, I think veggies would have a totally bad rap.

Happy Pre-Birthday!!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

That is AWESOMENESS in Bearworld!

I'm so happy that you had a good start to get thngs rolling.. Happy Beary Day!.. Rockin' It !

MrManuel said...

Always nice to start a B Day celebration that early! That's cool!

FW said...

Cool! That's like the hors d'oeuvres for a birthday party, or a party to start a party! Have a great time this weekend!! And then tell us all about it :)

AlienCG said...

That was very nice of them to do that for you. Reading the menu made me hungry, now I need to eat something. Happy Be-earlied Birthday.

secret agent woman said...

Dr. Pepper! That made me laugh out loud.

Churlita said...

That's awesome. I hope you had a great birthday. I think it's great that you and my mom share the same birthday.

laura b. said...

Milly: Thanks for making sure I got chocolate instead of a fruit platter :-) Your party sounds good to me too!

Tara: Ranch does a lot to give vegetables a little street cred. Mad props, Ranch!
Thanks, Tara :-)

Mrs: I love a celebration that starts early and goes late :-D Thanks, Mrs Hairy Woman :-)

MrManuel: Early helps with the element of surprise, right? haha!

FW: I like that! The hors d'oeuvres party before the meal party! News to come of the weekend.

AlienCG: It really was very nice of them. Not a bad place to work. Thanks, Alien :-)

Secret: Hey, what can I say? I love me some Dr Pepper!

Churlita: My birthday and the whole weekend were really nice.
Your mom always sounds like an amazing woman, so I am more than proud to share her birthday.