Wednesday, February 17, 2010

All For a Cuddle and a Peck on the Cheek

Welcome to Choose and Defend Wednesday here at Fresh Hell!  I've been giving some thought to the growing "love to hate it" sentiment towards Valentine's Day.  Apparently, we don't like to be romantic by mandate.  I thought I'd give you this choice...

What floats your boat?



Now.  I know the two aren't mutually exclusive.  And I'm not even sure if these are the terms I want...especially realism.  But I think you know what I mean.  Which wins out with you in the end?  Your heart or your head?  Are you romantic or practical?  Tell us aaaallll about it in your defense!   Choose and Defend! 


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

First off, This is a really good Choose and Defend..

I have in the past used my heart to guide me.. I'm part romantic, but also a bit practical.

I have been stung in the heart many times by previous people.. but I still let my heart guide me.. I guess in the end I would say Romance..

AlienCG said...

I have to say...REALISM. I want that shirt, too. Romance is nice, but it's the exception, really. I've been a realist for much of my adult life and I like it just fine.

MrManuel said...

Realism. I am all about being realistic!

secret agent woman said...

I like that realism shirt!

But I can't chose - I have to vote for a balance between heart and head.

Tara said...

I'll go with romance, even though sometimes it is overly romanticized in movies (like love at first site which I'm not sure I believe in anymore). However, being too much of a realist can suck the much-needed romance out of life.

Out of that tangle of words, I choose "romance".

Ananda girl said...

Rats... this is as tough one. I do not consider myself to be a romantic. But I am impulsive, which isn't that smart.

Pamela said...

Way practical. But hard to defend.

Churlita said...

I'm all heart. So, I'll go with romance. But I want that romance to be real, not a guy just doing or saying what he thinks I want to hear, for the sake of a conquest.

laura b. said...

Mrs: I'm glad you liked it! And I think it is good you haven't let losers change you. One for Romance.

AlienCG: You are a man who knows what works for you and that is definitely a good thing. One for Realism.

MrManuel: I can tell you are a romantic guy, but you'd know your driving force best! Two for Realism.

Secret: No, no! No balance! There is no balance in Choose and Defend! But okay...both :-)

Tara: Yeah, I don't think being romantic means we don't accept certain irrefutable realities. Two for Romance.

Ananda: Hm. Well, where shall I place you on the Choose and Defend scale? I guess being impulsive seems to go along more with Romance than Realism, so that is what you're getting :-) Three for Romance.

Pamela: Aw, you can defend that! You are a girl with her head on straight! Three for Realism.

Churlita: You are clearly big hearted. And I agree that it isn't romantic to get snowed, so to speak. Four for Romance.

Everyone: Close race, thus far. Secret Agent Woman is on the fence, but otherwise Romance is slightly ahead of Realism at 4-3. Weigh in if you haven't. The world needs to know.

Sebastien said...

In spite of wanting to be a realist, I'm a romantic. All the way.

FW said...

I don't think I'm very romantic. realism for me.

'Ailina said...

If we're talking about love, I'd have to say I have a realist bent. Maybe it's age or due to the fact I get jazzed about the simple things rather than fru-fru. But I prefer a brief, sincerely spoken word of appreciation rather than a cookie-cutter greeting card.

laura b. said...

Sebastien: Nothing wrong with being a romantic. Don't change a thing! Five for Romance.

FW: You are a thoughtful realist. Four for Realism.

'Ailina: We are talking about heart vs head. One usually prevails. Five for Realism.

Eveyone: Oh my. It is a tie, 5-5, in the battle between Romance and Realism. Awesome.