Monday, February 1, 2010

This is MY Month, Suckas!

Welcome to Monday and the first day of February.  Because my birthday falls this month, I like to think of the whole month as belonging pretty exclusively to me.  I mean, I will share if anyone insists, but's mine. :-D 

Last week felt long and sort of rough.  This week, by default, will be better.  Almost certainly.  Really!

Here is some good stuff:

On Thursday, when I got home from work, I found my newest Sebastien tee awaiting me.  I wore it to work on Friday, to much aclaim.  Here it is...

This weekend turned out to be much quieter than last weekend.  DR was at my place when I got home from work on Friday.  He is in the middle of doing an online course to be pre-certified to sell insurance, so his plan was to spend most of the weekend online getting though the course.  So, he spent Friday evening, all day Saturday, and the first half of Sunday doing that.  I went about doing my things, a little.  Like I had to do a buttload of wash on Saturday morning, because the dryer at our apt. building had been out of order all week  Hanging out at the laudromat is quite a treat.  But aside from that and a food run or two, I used DR's business online to justify laying around on the bed with a book and keeping him company.  He might not have needed company, but didn't object, and I got some rest that I apparently needed.

Today, Monday, is my little bear friend Milly's birthday.  Happy Birthday, Milly!  Here is a lovely portrait of her taken a few days ago in the Children's Services office.  How much can I really complain about my job when there is a cardboard cactus and a Wall of Twins....and you can't even see the Wall of Simian Oddities from here.


So, I am filled with optimism for a fine week.  We all are good enough, and smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like us!


dmarks said...

That last picture makes me think of old "Saturday Night Live" routines.

"I'm cactus, dammit!".

Tara said...

Ha, Dmarks beat me to it, I thought she was dressed as Gumbi at first! Happy Birthday, Milly!

Yes, this week will be much better, it is a whole new month and it's Laura B's month!

I love the Sebastien shirt! Last Friday I tidied up my office at work and hung up some Sebastien art. I'll have to take a photo and post it!

Pamela said...

I would love a laying around weekend. Even just a couple hours... Maybe I can watch the superbowl next weekend.

AlienCG said...

Why does this remind of "Summer of George"? It's the month of Laura. And you have friends who are cacti. I do like the shirt and the excuse for being a slugger-bed all weekend.

Churlita said...

Your weekend sounds exactly like what I need. Ha ha. I was just fantasizing about a nice relaxing weekend...And a great boyfriend to share it with would be cool too, but I'm not hoping for a miracle...

FW said...

Nice cacti ;-) Have a great month!

Sebastien said...

Yay! so happy the shirt is well-arrived and you are terrorizing your coworkers and the kids with it, hehe.

laura b. said...

Dmarks: I had totally missed that! But now, of course, am wondering how I could have :-)

Tara: So far, this week is not shaping up quite as I'd hoped. Ah well...maybe it will improve.

I have some Sebastien art that I haven't placed on the wall yet...I want to see yours!!!

Pamela: For sure! Give yourself a little Super Bowl break.

AlienCG: Believe it or not, Laura isn't at home... haha! I'm gonna eat a block of cheese the size of my head.

Churlita: You completely deserve a relaxing you actually ever relax though? I see no evidence of it!

I will say, the great boyfriend definitely has bumped my weekends up to the next level of happy.

FW: Thank you mucho...I am trying!!!

Sebastien: Yes! Mine was a hit, of course. And I gave Milly her present one yesterday and she LOVED it, of course. :-D

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

You do deserve a month to yourself.. Happy Birthday to Cacti-Milly..

We all could use a laze around weekend.. How wonderful!

Milly Vanilly said...

Hi there! Thanks for the birthday wish. I'm just catching up on your blog here. Happy birthday month to you! "Bottoms" up! I love your new Sebastien t-shirt. You wear it well. :-)

dmarks said...

Was that really Milly Vanilly, or was someone blog-synching his comment?

laura b. said...

Mrs: Thanks! Everyone deserves their downtime. Some of us seem to require more than others :-)

Milly: Oh, nice of you to put in an appearance! haha! Real friends comment on their friend's blog. At least, that is how I always imagined it would be. *sigh*

Dmarks: Either way, I am willing to blame it on the rain.