Friday, April 17, 2009

The Sky Is Fallin', Ain't No Need to Panic

Ain't nobody dope as me, I'm dressed so FRESH and clean. I got to pick today's word and I chose FRESH. I'm pimping my new blog title a little, but also FRESH seemed to go with the new start that Spring suggests each year. I hope you guys have enjoyed it. Here are my FRESH photos:

Yummy and gorgeous. FRESH produce. Is there anything prettier? :-)

FRESH linens. I love the feeilng of sliding in between FRESH sheets. And ah, the pleasures of a FRESH, fluffy, sweet smelling towel after a shower....

Just me and my minty FRESH breath hanging out around the sink. Where's the kiss I was promised? Oh, I heard you wrong? Oh, you were saying you wanted to come in and take a piss? Real nice. Well, come on in then, I'll get out. Geez.

That's all I have. More than enough...maybe too much? :-) Anyway, it is all FRESH content, so there is no reason you should become ill. If you do, it was an allergy, not lack of FRESHness.

I am also supposed to tag someone else and I will. Just give me a bit to poke around and see who is up for it. I will get that out to you ASAP! That is a promise. Alright. Go out and do yo funky FRESH thang!


Anonymous said...

Excellent funky FRESH post. Great photos and I look forward to seeing who you tag.

daffy said...

Fresh minty breath and not a hint of pissyness. :o)
Love the pics!
I love the smell of freshly laundered 'erm laundry. :o)

Churlita said...

Nice fresh photos. I think you used it almost every way you could.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

simply fresh indeed.. hi there stranger.. all excellent sources of freshness..

Tara said...

I finally updated my Blogroll thingy to reflect your new, FRESH, name! Nothing like a little procrastination, right? ;)

I love your photos! Nothing like sleeping among fresh, clean sheets, too. Love that feeling, it's almost as if we can sleep better, isn't it?

Bobby said...

Reminds me of the lyrics from that Kool and the Gang song, I googled em:

She's fresh

fresh - exciting

she's so exciting to me!

She's fresh

fresh - exciting

she's so inviting to me

NoRegrets said...

LOL! I gotta peeeeeeee

laura b. said...

AlienCG: Thanks, glad you like them :-) I have requests out to a couple of people, so I will release that info ASAP.

Daffy: hee hee! Freshly laundered laundry is awesome.

Churlita: I tried to work the word. It has been fun seeing everyone's ideas of freshnesss :-)

Mrs: Great to see you! Thanks for coming by, you're missed.

Tara: Thanks Tara, I appreciate it! And I really do feel like I sleep a little better in fresh sheets.

Bobby: I love Kool & the Gang! Thanks for those fresh lyrics.

NoRegrets: Oh, how many times I've heard that! :-)

JeSSiCa... THaTS Me!! said...

sure, I'd love to pick next weeks word..... I just don't know how it works.... lol

laura b. said...

Jessica: I just put a comment on your blog about how it works...let me know if you have any questions. And thanks for participating!

JeSSiCa... THaTS Me!! said...

I want to pick the word expression.

laura b. said...

Jessica: Perfect, thanks!

k_sra said...

That is the same song I scalped for my title this week (so fresh and so clean clean)! great minds, Laura, great minds! ;)

laura b. said...

K_Sra: You said it! We know a good thing when we hear it.