Thursday, April 16, 2009

Because I Feel Certain You Want To Know

I'm a solitary sort basically. That can lead to an active inner life, if you do it right at least! For someone like me that means that I get way too involved, mentally, with say, basic cable talk show hosts, old actors, pretend reality celebs, and soulful singers. Yes, I am talking about my current celebrity crushes. Because you must want this information, right? Now, I will admit that most of these crushes are pretty comical. And give me some credit...they are emotional, not sexual, does that deserve credit? Let's say yes.

Without further ado, I present my most current celebrity crushes!

John StewartWe all love I right, Ladies? And even guys could legitimately have a man crush. He's adorable, smart, and hilarious. *sigh*

Joel McHaleHe is so goofy and cute. And apparently completely without physical shame, which is kinda hot.

Jack KlugmanI believe I have mentioned my love for Quincy, M.E. Jack Klugman nowadays is really old. No way around it. But in his Odd Couple and Quincy days, he was a nice looking guy! He has intense eyes and a charming smile. So sue me. I like Jack.

Ty MurrayThis one is unusual even for me. I don't like cowboys, generally speaking. The man cannot dance. But he's sweet and gallant. He came on the show with his wife, Jewel, who ended up not there he is awkwardly trying to handle his professional partner like she is one of his, yeah. I guess I kind of like that.

Ray LamontagneYes, he's got that crunchy granola look going on. But wow...have you heard him sing? Guh. He's gorgeous.

And there you have it. The most recent edition of laura b.'s lame celebrity crushes. Because everyone has them, but they just don't talk about them. Right? Right? Oh man....


Anonymous said...

I don't really have any celebrity crushes. I think Jon Stewart really tapped into something in society with his show.

Joel McHale is funny as hell on The Soup.

I liked Jack Klugman's Twilight Zone appearances.

and I don't know the last two, so I'll end it there.

MrManuel said...

I have a lot of celebrity crushes...all younger than me I believe. :-)

Sebastien said...

I love Stewart and Joel McHale. Stewart is so damn witty, and Joel has a goofy charm with his show.

Tara said...

Stewart and McHale, oh definitely. Both men are cute, charismatic and have made me laugh so hard.

I'm going to be posting about a movie I just rented called "Near Dark". Has three interesting guys on there, two of which are enchanting to me in one way or another - Bill Paxton and Lance Henrikson.

I have lots of celebrity crushes, definitely.

Churlita said...

I love Jon Stewart too. I also love Dane Cook. So hot and so funny. I'm a sucker for the funny guys.

laura b. said...

AlienCG: You don't have celebrity crushes because you are sane :-) And I agree, The Daily Show has this way of making us feel like we're on the right side.

MrManuel: I hear you. Mine vary in age, but I know how you guys like the little chickies. haha!

Sebastien: They're great and I do think that they are the kind of men that both men and women like to watch.

Tara: Ooohhh Bill Paxton! I watch Big Love and yeah, I might be one of his wives. :-) Well maybe not, but I totally get it. I get Lance Henrikson serious...let me make you smile, Lance. haha!

Churlita: Oh, me too...the funny guys. Dane Cook is sort of cocky, but he pulls it off well.