Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What's New laura b?

Not all that much, really. Seems to be a bit of a fallow period, which is not entirely a bad thing...

- As I posted yesterday, my only daughter is now a licensed driver. Her dad told her he would get her a car soon, so she has virtually nothing else on her mind at this point.

- I've been reading about all these great movies that I simply must see. The last movie I actually went out and saw? Paul Blart: Mall Cop. I'm not kidding. But I do have kids so....

- I was kind of embarrassed when the U.S. of A. won Superstars of Dance. Also kind of embarrassed that I watched Superstars of Dance, yet here I am talking about it. So, I am forced to wonder...does some part of me enjoy humiliation? Disturbing.

- No prospective dates or anything like that to report. At the moment, I haven't the energy to care so it is probably just as well. I believe it is coincidental that this point came up right after I talked about enjoying humiliation. One thing has nothing to do with the other. Probably.

- I am currently reading Fool the World: the Oral History of a Band Called Pixies. Reading it causes me to spend way too much time viewing YouTube videos of Pixies in concert. "Way too much" is a relative term though. I mean, we are talking about Pixies. I want to be Kim Deal...post-rehab I suppose. Too bad I have no discernible musical talent. Next life!

Who do you want to be in your next life? Let your imagination run wild.


Tara said...

If you enjoy a show, do not let humiliation get in your way. Just enjoy the show. I'll watch "Wife Swap" if I catch it on TV. I usually despise shows like that, but that one got my attention.

Churlita said...

I almost saw Frank Black at a festival in Des Moines this Summer. he was playing with The Flaming Lips and the Funkadelics. I just really didn't have the money.

I don't know who I'd be. Chances are, whoever I chose, I'd probably want to take it back after I had to live in their head for a while.

daffy said...

I want to come back as Kevin Bacons wife.
I can't explain the humiliation but Cycle 11 of ANTM has just started. Shhhhhhh! Don't tell me! This is the first time in agees sI haven't known who wins! Oh and the all new 90210 started this week and I love it! I am such an immature lady!
Enjoy the music! xxx
(Sorry I've been a rubbish blogger friend... I have no excuse.)

laura b. said...

Tara: I try not to let actual guilt ruin my guilty pleasures. I figure the only one I'm hurting is my brain, which I'm probably turning to mush. haha!

Churlita: Wow, that would have been an interesting show!
I know what you mean about getting in someone else's head...that would probably be a pretty scary little trip.

Daffy: Enjoy your shows, you go! I don't watch ANTM, so that is one I can't spoil for you. Yay! Don't worry...you're a great blog friend always!!!