Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy 16th Girlie Girl

Me and Girlie Girl about 15 years ago :-)

I didn't get a chance to actually post this on 1/4, so I went back in time! Thanks Blogger. Anyway, I wanted to make sure and celebrate my lovely Shelly Girlie Girl here on (or around) her special day.

Last week I wrote about the New Year's Eve right before her birth...clearly it was a difficult time, but it is impossible to convey the joy her arrival gave me. Don't get me wrong, I adore each and every one of my sons, but having a girl following three boys was so, so exciting! The thing about Girlie Girl is that she is such a fun person. She has the best sense of humor and has always had what seems to be me to be a very mature sense of 'self'. This girl cannot be intimidated. This is probably partly a function of having had to stand up to a houseful of boys, but I also think that is it just who she is. She is an excellent student. Her teachers have uniformly praised her writing skills...her ability to express herself. And what's great about her is that if she needs help with something, she just gets help. No drama, she just deals. I really hope that someday I can grow up to be a lot more like Girlie Girl.

Now she is 16 and in a matter of a couple of weeks, if things go as planned, she will be driving. I've seen what a huge step that is...when kids can get where they want to go under their own steam it makes a huge difference in their level of independence...well, duh. Fortunately, Girlie Girl has not done anything (or much of anything) to make me feel that she is not worthy of my trust. So, we'll move forward with confidence and excitement as she continues to grow up into the amazing woman I know she'll be. Happy Birthday Girlie Girl!!!


Tara said...

She sounds like an amazing, strong person at such an early age! Happy Birthday, Girlie Girl! Stay strong with those brothers of yours. :)

I always wondered what I learned from the torment my brothers gave me, and I think it was a twisted sense of humor. The stuff that comes out of their mouths sometimes...They're sick, but hilarious.

laura b. said...

Tara: Siblings are bound to teach us something, but there seem to be special lessons for the one amongst the many dynamic :-)

NoRegrets said...

yay! Happy birthday to her. She must have agreat mom.

Churlita said...

aww. that's so sweet. i'm tearing up a little.

happy Birthday, Girlie Girl!

The Furtive Wangler said...

Happy Birthday Girlie Girl! She sounds like an awesome young lady! Good luck with the driving!

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: I would love to take credit, but they seem so...themselves, no matter what I do.

Churlita: You know all about the strong young ladies :-)

FW: She really is...thank you :-)

MrManuel said...

She sounds like a great girl! You must have really rubbed off on her!

laura b. said...

MrManuel: I'm not sure about that, but I'm hoping she'll rub off on me.