Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So Tired. So Very, Very Tired.

I came out of this weekend feeling a bit sleep deprived and I don't think I'm going to feel any vast improvment until maybe next weekend, when I am all hopeful that I will get a chance to catch up.

Last weekend was one of those weekends that wasn't. I was off Friday, but of course it was a school day so I got up as usual at 6. And I was even less productive than usual as Handsome Lad got out of school at noon.

Saturday was a work day, so that shot that day all to heck. Then, Girlie Girl had her party. That actually ended up affecting me rather minimally (except I was the deep pockets for the extravaganza). The girls, final count was 8 of them, went out to dinner and then a movie. After that, though, they went to her dad's house to spend the rest of the night. He has much more space. What I had instead of the girls, was Little Prince. He spent the night with me. He's four months old, so it isn't like he is any trouble. He only woke up once during the night and was actually fine company. But you know how it is...you never really sleep the same with a guest over. haha! And he did wake up fairly early.

We spent all day Sunday together as well, then I had to take him home and spend another three hours or so with all of the kids, because Princess Diva's mom (who'd been watching the girls) had somewhere she had to be. What? The crack head convention was in town and I didn't hear about it? Mean, I know, but this woman is such a piece of work. Anyway, I got nothing done Sunday and I also got no real down time. Little Prince isn't a napper. On the balance he did only wake once at night and that seems to be the baby version of a trade off.

Then the week started and now I am on this usual course where I can't get to bed any earlier and I can't sleep in any later. There is really nothing to be done. Oh! Plus, I think this might be some sort of, like, elderly symptom or something. I keep having to get up to pee about an hour before it is time to get up. Sometimes, though, I don't really wake up. No, I don't pee my bed. I just dream I am running around somewhere frantically trying to find a restroom or a bush or something! It's exhausting! And then I wake up and go - oh, I see. Guh.

I know...this post was awful, awful. It is written under the effects of sleep deprivation and a three hour stint on the public desk. Not a good combination. On a more positive note, the weather here has been astoundingly lovely. I bet if I spend tomorrow's lunch outside I will feel better. I hope that all of you are feeling much more chipper. If you catch me yawning, try not to stare at my uvula :-)


Tara said...

Send some of that nice weather our way, will you please? We're in the single digit temps tonight. Yeesh! But it's a dry cold.

Your post sounded exhausting, I hope you get some time to chill very soon and catch up on sleep!

movin' down the road said...

I hate it when I have to pee when it is first light out. I never really go back to sleep because I get anxiety of whether I will wake up on time or not.

Churlita said...

Yes, I'd like some of your warm weather too.

Sometimes if you can get some aerobic exercise during the day, it helps with getting to sleep at night. Not always, but sometimes.

laura b. said...

Tara: Aw, I'd love to send you some nice weather! It is very dry here, too.
I have high hopes for a chill filled weekend.

Movin': Yes, I almost always end up staying up. Going back to sleep at that point seems hardly worth it.

Churlita: I don't have problems getting to sleep. I am a champion sleeper...although some aerobic exercise wouldn't hurt! It is just that there is not enough time for the sleep I seem to need.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea, you send us some beautiful weather and we'll send you the single-digits and snow. How's that sound?

I hope you get some sleep, it can be quite necessary for sanity.