Friday, September 14, 2007

My Weekend Mix

I made myself a little mix to listen to this weekend.

Surfin' on a Rocket - Air
Saturday Night - Bay City Rollers
Bohemian Like You - Dandy Warhols
Do Ya - ELO
Mr. Blue Sky - ELO
Half Acre - Hem
Such Great Heights - Iron & Wine
Somewhere Over the Rainbow / It's a Wonderful World - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Molly's Chambers - Kings of Leon
Picture Book - Kinks
I Want to Break Free - Queen
New Slang - Shins
Walkie Talkie Man - Steriogram
Ballroom Blitz - Sweet
We've Been Had - Walkmen

There is a theme, which I wish were challenging to find, but it isn't :-)

I hope you all have a great weekend...and all my best to BabyBull and her Big Hairy Man as their wedding day comes to a close and the rest of their lives begin. Congrats!


MrManuel said...

I've heard of Queen(Yeah!) and the Kinks and that is it on that list....

Babybull40 aka Big Hairy Woman said...

Thanks for the shout out.. it was a great day..Will post something soon

Churlita said...

Awesome mix. I love Sweet and that Iron and Wind song is so sweet.

I almost forgot about Walkie Talkie man. I love that video because the girl in it looked a lot like my youngest daughter at the time.

Tara said...

I love that song "I Want to Break Free" and "Saturday Night"..."S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y. NIGHT!"

That's a great mix! Enjoy!

minijonb said...

hummm... alphabetical by artist... i do things like that as well...

hope you had a great weekend.

laura b. said...

MrManuel: I feel like I've loved Queen and The Kinks all my life.

BabyBull: Can't wait to hear about it!!!

Churlita: Thanks...I think these are all kind of fun songs in one way or another. For some reason I really love Walkie Talkie Man.

Tara: Yeah! Those are great singalongs! My weekend was pretty okay, thank you.

MiniJonB: Not a bad weekend and music is always a plus.
I did alphabetize by artist, but no one here got the link I was thinking of...these songs have all been used, within the past couple of years, in commercials :-)

evil-e said...

I am a bad blogger of late and a dollar short....I had a great weekend, hopefully more to come.

laura b. said...

Evil-E: The man in love gets a free bad blogger pass ;-) I hope you have lots more great weekends.