Monday, September 24, 2007

Can I Have a Do-Over?

If I had the power to change one thing about myself, I would change my non-confrontational nature. I guess in theory, that actually is within my power to change. It just sometimes doesn't feel like it. Being non-confrontational has probably kept me out of trouble on occasion, but nowadays I am really starting to see all the ways in which I have been ill served by my meekness. In idle moments I can sit and ponder the myriad of things that I have just allowed to happen, simply because I didn't want to rock the boat. Really, I should have capsized the damn boat and been done with it!
I am going to make a real effort to change my ways. I am not planning to fight for the sake of a fight, but I am definitely going to start defending myself a lot more strongly.
If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be, and why?


Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

I would change my my power of patience.. I need it more now than ever... with a little one who keeps me hopping...

Viki said...

Yeah, I would change my patience. I have too much of it. Which is good most of the times but sometimes I just wish I was crazy!

Tara said...

I too have a non-confrontational nature and could probably change that if I really cracked down on myself. I've been a doormat way too many times because of it.

Churlita said...

We only get one thing? Darn. I'm non-confrontational too. I always say about myself - there's a fine line between being laid back and a doormat and I seem to stuble all over it.

Anonymous said...

Very timely post, since I have just finished attending a two-day assertiveness course for work.

I too am a doormat.

But, I am a doormat who can only take so much and lets the small stuff build up until she explodes with the pressure.

Then I am aggressive.

After this course I feel as though I need months of psychotherapy, to learn exactly why I am so freakish in my ways...

Anyway, isn't it the Meek who will inherit the earth or something?

Bring on the earth:) It's about time!

David in DC said...

My sharp tongue when angry.

The Furtive Wangler said...

I am naive and let people get away with too much. I usually avoid confrontation too, it upsets me too much because I get aggressive and I don't like it.

laura b. said...

MrsBHW: I can relate to that...the little ones can really test you, can't they!

Viki: Sounds like you and Mrs Big Hairy Woman could make a trade and call it good :-)

Tara: Shall we make a pact to stiffen our backbones? I will if you will!

Churlita: haha! I thought I'd better start with one. You in on that pact with me and Tara?

Soph: Assertiveness training! Sounds like something a few of us here could use. Anyway, go ahead and blow up when you need to. It seems better than holding it in indefinitely...I am starting to think something inside dies when that happens.

DiDC: Ah, don't you just hate thinking back later on those quick angry words? I know I do.

FW: There seem to be a few of us here who are either unable to be aggressive enough or are uncomfortable enough with aggression to try and avoid it.

Possible conclusion...what we all have in common is blogging, so do non-confrontational people blog out their frustrations instead of simply releasing them on their real targets? Hm. I am so profound! haha!