Saturday, August 12, 2006

Yoga! It's New and Somehow Threatening!

Things have been relatively quiet and peaceful at home. I get lulled into this false sense of security at times like this. Well, not security exactly, given that WTG hasn't worked in like a month. But the no fighting phases can be deceptive. Yesterday, everyone was sitting around and I was looking through the city fun book for classes and activities that the kids might want to take. I casually dropped that I would sort of like to take a yoga class and I got the weirdest reaction from WTG. He was just flabbergasted that I would be interested in yoga and he was almost frantically worried about how such a notion had come into my head. It was just odd. Freak. I can never let my guard down with him.
I just finished a book recommended strongly to me by my sweetie, DR. I'm Not Really Here was pretty funny and a sort of intro to physics and philosophy. He was disappointed that I hadn't yet read it when he came to visit, so now, I can in good conscience let him know I read and enjoyed it. Now what? Oh, and I am surprising him by sending him a copy of Nina Gordon's "Bleeding Heart Graffiti". I guess she has given us sort of the soundtrack of our relationship. Isn't that sweet? Seriously! I got myself a copy too. I hope he's happy and surprised. DR burned her first album for me and we both swooned over "Tonight and the Rest of My Life", the album generally and that song most specifically.
I will be glad when he is done traveling and back online, because I am missing him terribly.

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