Wednesday, August 16, 2006

That Feeling Pt. Trois

I promise this is my last lame installment about my "feeling". I still felt mildly anxious today. Oh, here this is pathetic. I was feeling so sorry for myself because Team C hadn't called. I swear, I was in the bathroom crying a little, looking in the mirror at my dumb sad eyes, composing my thoughts on Team C's obvious lack of feeling for me (it was, like, email formated in my brain). Yes, it was quite the little drama I had going on in my head there in the freaking bathroom...I was only in there for about five minutes or so, though, not long. Okay, so I got back to my desk and of course my little message light was on, and of course I had missed Team C's call and of course he's been sick all week, but called to say that he was thinking about me and all that good stuff...Then I was all touched and sorry I thought bad things about him and I sighed and smiled like a teenager. Ugh, I kill myself sometimes. In any event I am feeling much better. Thank you.


Tara said...

You are going through about the same kind of moments I go through. There's this guy I like. I've liked him for several months now, and just when I think he wants nothing to do with me, he'll contact me out of the blue. He's not mean, never insulting or anything like that. But I get this idea in my head that he wants nothing to do with me and i start feeling really depressed. But once he starts corresponding again, nothing about him can make me mad.

l.b. said...

I have to laugh at myself, because I can still be so adolescent. And I am stupidly easy to please :-)