Monday, August 21, 2006

l.b. Gives Thanks

My 17 year old son was in a car accident, on the freeway, this past Saturday afternoon. He was with his cousin, who is 15, and they were driving out towards Glen Helen for the Family Values Tour. He heard a bump-bump-bump from the rear of his car, so assuming it was a flat, he began pulling to the shoulder on his left (he was in the car pool lane). Suddenly, his car slid, and the front of his car went towards the right. A car glanced off of his passenger side front corner and went sliding off the freeway and ended up on its side in a shallow ditch a couple feet up a little dirt embankment. As that car hit his front, it pushed him back towards the left, and as he started to slide around another car clipped his rear passenger side corner. This pushed him around until he was sitting in the fast lane facing traffic. Luckily, by this point, the traffic behind was slowing down, realizing something was going on. He was able to pull the car around to the shoulder, facing the right way. While he crossed the freeway (I guess traffic was completely stopped, but I still freak out at this part) to check on the people in the car on its side, his cousin called 911. The people in the car were all okay and got out, but were of course very distraught and frightened. He went back over, and got his cousin. Firetrucks, paramedics, an ambulence, and the highway patrol all showed up eventually. Two of the ladies from the sideways car decided to go to the hospital to get checked out. He called the house and asked for his dad, whose first question was not "are you alright", but "whose fault was it". At any rate, WTG was far too busy to go handle this and didn't see why he should have to as the boys said they were uninjured. Of course my sister and I got right over there, helped the guys talk to the officers taking the report, got a tow truck, and got them home.
Now the waiting. It is pretty much up to insurance what happens now. Our car is really barely damaged. Oh, and what had happened wasn't a flat, but rather that the tread from the tire had fallen off. I just had those tires checked and rotated a week ago and no trouble was spotted then, but these things can, apparently, happen. At any rate, the tire has been replaced, with the three others to be done for good measure once I get paid this week. Those two other cars, who knows what they will try to claim. The accident originated with our car and we can be found responsible and who knows what kind of monetary damage this is going to do. Frankly, though, at his point I couldn't give a tiny rat's ass about any of that. MY SON AND NEPHEW WERE IN AN ACCIDENT ON THE FREEWAY INVOLVING TWO OTHER CARS AND THEY ARE BOTH COMPLETELY UNINJURED. That is the heart and soul of this story. And that is why I give thanks.


Tara said...

I am so relieved for you that they weren't injured and that the other people are doing okay too! They were all very, very lucky!

l.b. said...

Thanks Tara. The fact that everyone is okay really does make any other problems seem more trivial.