Monday, August 14, 2006

Still No DR....

I wish I could have nailed down better when he was going to be back home from his trip. I miss talking to him in a general sort of way, plus I am also wishing to rehash our visit together. Before much longer I will be paranoidly imagining that he has simply dropped out of sight to avoid me, because he was so bummed by the in-person me. No, I don't really think that, do I? Well, no...not yet. I have been sending him little messages to come home to. I took a couple exerpts from this blog and posted them at our private yahoogroup, which hardly gets touched these days. It was going to be this sweet little place where we gushed over each other, but that was sort of happening less and less...I'm looking for an upswing in activity at this point, but again, who knows?
In other sad news for l.b.'s love life (so to speak) no word from Team C yet today. That doesn't bode so well for seeing him this week. If he doesn't call tomorrow then I can assume it's a no go. That kinda sucks, but what are you going to do?
Can't wait for my Nina Gordon CD. I need some sweetness in my life.

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