Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Dumb Day

This has been a good day for wasting time. We had our departMENTAL celebratory lunch today at the Nano Cafe. That was nice, pleasant. I had delicious pesto. I've been working on next month's calendar, which is rather time consuming, but not terribly difficult or anything. Then we had to start working on these letters we have to send out to every single kid that participated in the SRP. Apparently this one toy we gave out (purchased from a reputable supplier that many of the libraries used) has been found to have a high lead content. Only about 100 of the 1800 kids in the program would have gotten them, but we have no way to know who, so we have to send the warning out to everyone. Such a big job and such a blemish on what was a good program. Ugh. So, I am sitting around typing addresses into the computer and printing up envelops by the dozens. This is going to take forever. Dumb day...one of several to come, I'm sure.

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Tara said...


Haha..I like that! I never even realized that the word "mental" is in departmental, but it's quite appropriate. I'll remember that when we have our next departMENTAL meeting. :)