Friday, August 18, 2006

A Long Quiz From My Weird Friend in Florida :-)

Non-Scientific Getting-to-Know-You, Personality Profile Questionnaire

Please answer each question honestly.

Some of the questions ask for a "why". However, even on the ones that don't, such as the multiple choice section, feel free to add a brief explanation why, if you wish.

Also, try not to hedge, fudge or duck. For example, if the question is "Who's your all-time favorite U.S. president?", it's better to go ahead and pick a president than to say "I don't like any of them" or "I'm not political" or "I'm not from the U.S." or some other non-answer. Again, if you want to include a little explanation, you can, such as "Millard Fillmore, but I like James K. Polk almost as much."

Same goes for the multiple choice questions. Try to pick one of the given choices.

1. What did you have for breakfast this morning? If it's morning and you haven't yet had breakfast, put what you had yesterday morning. -Coffee and dark chocolate M&M’s
(Then go eat something before you do rest of this questionnaire. I never intended for this to be done before breakfast.)

2. What was the last book you read? -I Don’t Know How She Does It: the Life of Kate Reddy, Working Mother by Allison Pearson

3. Who's your hero, and why? -My oldest son, for his maturity and grace under pressure.

4. What did you wear to bed/sleep last night? -My big white t-shirt and panties (yes, probably also big and white – haha!)

5. What's your dream job? -Novelist extraordinaire :-)

6. Who's your favorite Disney cartoon character? –Donald Duck (I relate when he has temper tantrums and I like his voice)

7. What's the last movie you saw? Did you like it? What's the last movie you saw that you liked a lot? -The last movie I saw was “The Oh in Ohio”. I liked it a lot.

8. If you could meet anybody in the world today, spend some time talking with them, maybe have a long lunch with them, who would it be and why? -Jimmy Carter because I would like hearing about life in the White House and since I admire him as a humanitarian, he is the one I would like to hear about it from, as opposed to some other President or former President.

9. If you could go back in time and spend a day with anyone in history, who would it be and why? -Einstein. Why not?

10. Which 2 characters from "Gilligan's Island" should have gotten together romantically? –Gilligan and Mary Ann.

11. Name at least 5 of your all-time favorite singers. 1. John Lennon 2. Chris Isaak 3. Nina Gordon 4. Johnny Cash 5. Donald Fagen

12. Suppose you had the opportunity to be a judge in a pageant, which was similar to the Miss America Pageant, except that all the contestants (who would be of the opposite sex from you) would compete totally naked. Would you want to be a judge of such a pageant? -Yes

13. What's your favorite state capital? -Sacramento (especially once Arnold vacates.)

14. Who's your favorite character from "The Andy Griffith Show", and why? Which character from that show do you most identify with, and why? -Andy Taylor is my favorite, because he was a good man. I identify most with Barney Fife, because I feel like a bumbler.

15. Name at least 5 famous people of the opposite sex that you consider physically/visually attractive, in the sense that, if you had to choose by looks alone, you would want to date them (if you were single and had the opportunity). The 5 can be from the past or present, as long as most people would know what they look like. 1. Ben Stiller 2. Jack Black 3. Andre Benjamin 4. Morrissey 5. Jason Bateman

(the following set of questions was inspired by a sequence in the movie "Pulp Fiction")

16. The Beatles or Elvis? -Beatles

17. Batman or Superman? -Batman (I like his dark side)

18. Star Trek or Star Wars? -Star Trek

19. The Brady Bunch or the Partridge Family? -The Brady Bunch

20. Franklin D. Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan? -FDR

21. George Bush or George W. Bush? -Neither. But since I am required to choose, George the First

22. Superman or Spider-Man? -Spider-Man (Peter Parker is sweet)

23. Bill Gates or Donald Trump? -Bill Gates (Married to his first wife and his hair isn’t as scary)

24. Elbows or knees? -Knees

25. Andrew Johnson or Lyndon Johnson? -Lyndon Johnson

26. Ashley or Mary-Kate? -Ashley (Seems less, um, insane)

27. Dogs or cats? -Cats

28. Boxers or briefs? -Boxer briefs…can I say that? Or, okay, boxers.

29. Buck Owens or Roy Clark? -Buck Owens

30. Football or baseball? -Baseball

31. Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie? -Jennifer Aniston (Angelina is a hottie, but is also starting to seem a little crazed)

32. Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt? -Brad Pitt (Again, wins on sanity, by a tooth)

33. Oar or ore? Ore (I don’t wanna row my boat ashore…)

Anyone else want to play? Please feel free to post a link to your blog with your own answers, okay? Thanks!

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