Thursday, August 17, 2006

My New Room

For the past couple of years, I haven't really had a room of my own. I kept my clothes in one place, my books and miscellaneous stuff in another, and I pretty much slept on the couch or even the livingroom floor. Thats just kind of the way it worked out.
Finally, though, WTG pulled himself together enough to get going on making this one little back patio into an actual room. So, he moved himself out of the "master" bedroom and took over the room the littlest guy had been using, while little guy moved into the very cute, but small new room. And me? Yes, I get the big bedroom all for myself! It will be nice to have my own space at last. With a big family, I have gotten use to living very communally. At heart, however, I do like at least a bit of solitude. I will take a picture and show you my new little digs. I'm quite pleased with the way it looks. I think everyone is happily situated for the time being. Second son likes the extreme privacy of his little converted garage room. It is small, but yeah, the privacy factor is very high, coming and going is pretty unmonitered. At 19, he is all about that. Third son's room is wonderful. His uncle fixed it up for him as a reward for his excellent grades. He has better furniture than any of us and lots of space. My daughter likes her room, but needs to have things changed often to keep the looks fresh and interesting for her. She grows bored easily :-) Little son is adjusting to his new room. It is just right for him, all cozy and boyish. WTG is, I will say, good at taking things and making them his own, so hasn't minded changing rooms too much. And me? I am happy as a clam in My New Room. <(*¿*)>

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