Thursday, February 2, 2006


For some reason, work has felt especially boring lately. I'm not sure what my issue is, but I am feeling very understimulated mentally. We won't even get into the physical (not right this moment, anyway)
Well, I had my nice lunch with Milly and DMB3 yesterday. Today it was yogurt while watching part of Chinatown with Mil. DMB3 came in briefly to share with us her insights about the film. Okay, that was kinda boring too...
I did some more editing for the Swordsman yesterday. That was at least more interesting than anything else I had going on. He's lucky to have all this time to write. Although even if I had time, I'm sure I wouldn't take advantage of it properly. I do have my mental blocks, thats for sure.
I sent Team C a card, but don't expect to hear back from him. He makes me sad like that, but I try not to take it too personally. I guess I do get what I need from him in the end, so I can't complain.
Oh! And here is Punxsutawny Phil's call for this year:

Phil Says Six More Weeks of Winter!
Phil's official forecast as read 2/2/06 at sunrise at Gobbler's Knob:

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Around the country there are many imitators of me.

In Harrisburg there is Gus who appears on TV
working for the lottery.

Then all around town,
Cute groundhog statues abound.
They all look like me, I found.

Today on the Knob as I'm doing my job,
I don't like this likeness of me.

It's my shadow I see. Six more weeks of mild winter there will be.

Back to me: Oh well. Happy Groundhog Day. More winter, so suck it up.

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