Monday, February 6, 2006

Weekend at l.b.'s

Finally, a weekend when I didn't feel like the victim of a driveby. It was quite pleasant. Went to a movie and dinner with WTG on Friday night after work. We are trying, still and again, to not be so rat-in-a-cage despairing about our situation. The movie was Match Point and it was superb. Really well done and provocative. You couldn't begin to guess that it was a Woody Allen film...which these days is pretty much a great thing to have achieved. Luck, luck, luck....
The dinner was at Matt Denny's, which is usually good, but on that night was not so good. Too bad.
Saturday my little guy had not one, but two basketball games. It is so much easier and more fun to go to games now than it sometimes was back in the day when I had three playing and two more little ones to drag around from court to court. Now I just stroll in, beverage in hand, and sit nicely to enjoy the game.
Sunday, I went to the movies alone and saw Brokeback Mountain. OMG, it was amazing. I have heard so much about it at this point and read so many reviews that I was prepared to be underwhelmed. This movie was so lovely, though. So sad and sweet and beautiful. All of the actors were working at the top of their form. Oh, I just loved it.
So, all in all, it was a fine weekend and I am hoping for a fine week full of adventures.

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