Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Da Good Life

Feeling good lately, feeling calm. Things at work are plodding along, but happily, Milly is back from her vacation. When she is gone my inbox is so static! I was sort of good and had yogurt and Pretz for dinner. I can't say it was all that satisfying.
I am reading a couple of different books right now. One is a re-read called Real Life. This has been a sentimental favorite of mine for years and I re-read it now and again. I started it because I had nothing new this weekend. Monday, I did get a new book and am also working on that. It is called The Reasons I Won't Be Coming. I sort of stumbled onto it and had been meaning to read Seven Types of Amibiguity, but hadn't gotten to it yet...
In tv news, House is back on tonight! Yay! I hang my head with shame and admit that I am watching more lame reality shows than I ever have in my life. I have somehow become devoted to American Idol (well, of course), Dancing with the Stars, Skating with Celebrities (I know, I know), plus Intervention...I think there are even more, but I need to stop listing them because I am freaking myself out...
Oh! Good news for me. I have a super secret lunchtime mission on the calendar with Team C tomorrow. Tres, tres exciting. I adore Team C.

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