Saturday, February 25, 2006

What Happened Today?

Some people were born on this date. I'm talkin' 'bout Zeppo Marx, Anthony Burgess, Edward Gorey, and George Harrison. Some people died on this date. Like, Thomas Moore and Tennessee Williams. For me, nothing seems to be happening on this date. I'm at work, it is quiet for a Saturday. Just me and Heat here, just as I like it. I am actually glad to be working today, as my oldest son and his family are moving house today and I have a legitimate excuse not to be helpful! Hey, I just did a major move a little over a year ago. I am NOT up for that particular joy again...that is what their friends are for :-)
Milly just gave me another cd today. It is Eveningland by Hem. I am all about getting more music lately. Yesterday, I bought a couple of cds with a gift card, so more free music! I chose Motown Number 1's and Garden State Soundtrack. So, at least I got all that going on...but thats about it. Haven't heard from the Swordsman in days and that has me a bit down I'll admit. Huh.

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