Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Back to Work, Serf!

Back after my three day weekend and the patrons are also back with a vengence. They always come in droves when we are closed an extra day. Ah, well.
My weekend wasn't so bad. The weather was bad, but the activities were okay after all. Little guy lost a game and won a game on Saturday. It was freezing during his outdoor game in the morning, but I had a nice cupa to warm me. Sunday was the baby's birthday party. It wasn't raining so it ended up being at the park and it went fine. I brought my delicious campfire beans and some extra soda. There were also hot dogs, macaroni salad, deviled eggs, chips n salsa, and of course, the cake. I was glad when it was over though, or when I could comfortably leave. It was freezing and I was sort of bored. Eh. Monday I saw Winter Passing. I liked it, but now can't think how to describe it to people who ask.
More maƱana. xo

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