Friday, February 17, 2006

My Weekend is Looking Suckadelic

Here I am at work, having a nice quiet day, as that is how Fridays will tend to be be here. However, I am forced to contemplate the coming weekend which is not tickling my fancy all that much. Well, tomorrow is fine. A couple of basketball games...I can handle that definitely. Sunday brings a family party that I am just not looking forward to for one reason or another. It is not MY party (not for me, not hosted by me) but I feel a little responsible and may have to actually use my house to host it if the park idea gets rained out. The people coming? I don't really want them at my house. Pray for sunshine, would you?
Oh, it is a long weekend, so I get a bonus day off Monday. I'll spend the day honoring Washington and Lincoln in some way...perhaps I shall polish up my wooden teeth and free my slaves. Party on!

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