Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Tail End of the Day

This day is finally almost over. I say finally, but it hasn't really been all that bad. Not too much desk time, not too much in the way of extra work on my plate, and I am continuing to feel much better than I did last week.
Started a new book yesterday. It is called 26a. I'm enjoying it very much, though I haven't gotten far just yet.
The Ditty Bops are still living in the CD player in my car. I appreciate my commute time because I can listen to whatever I want as many times as I want. When I am taxi-ing, I pretty much give the sound system over to my passengers. They tend to favor 20 on 20 stuff or hearing something raptastic. I've nothing in particular against either of those things, but I have my own pleasures musically. So commute time is me time. hee hee!

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