Thursday, October 27, 2005

Stuff and Things

I am going through a period where I seem to feel compelled to write. I am probably exhibiting something along the lines of bipolar disease...this is like my manic phase. It is not that I have more to say necessarily. I just feel more compelled to place every little thing in writing. For example, I had an overwhelming urge to make note of the fact that Milly and I went to LeRoy's for lunch today. It was delicious as always. Came back to work though, to find that WTG was flaking on picking up the littlest guy from school...and what was I going to do about it? Nice. Anyway, big bro to the rescue, so all was well.

What else? Looking forward to Night Stalker tonight. It couldn't be much less like the original Night Stalker, which I loved as a kid. It is still good n' creepy though. More like the stand alone monster episodes of the X-files (which were the only show I liked in that series) than like anything having to do with the original Night Stalker. Lets face it, there isn't that much to look forward to on television, so I'll takes what I can gets.

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