Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Late Evening Thoughts

It is one of my "late" shifts at work and it is, finally, quiet. It gives me time to ponder all the things that need pondering. Sometimes I feel like such a child. I still find myself wanting things I can't have and having things I don't want. I think I want this or that and when I get it, it isn't at all like I had expected or hoped for. My life is full of yearning, which sounds so dramatic, but is really just sort of...sad.
I read and read to keep my mind active without actually having to think in a self actualizing sort of way. I watch television to take me a step further away from myself. We all do it...or most of us do, right? Work, run around, tend to our children, read, watch tv, turn up the radio...don't think, don't think, don't think...
Reading: Totally Joe
Feeling: Pensive
Smelling: Cedarwood Sage body lotion from Bath & Body Works Apparently discontinued, but you get the idea. Hiss boo.

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